On Thursday night (May 31), Lil Rel tweeted a video clip of actor/comedian Tracy Morgan's recent Vulture Festival interview.

Morgan came on to talk about his new show "The Last OG" but things took a turn when the host simply asked: "How has it been watching Tiffany Haddish blow up?"

Morgan interrupted almost immediately with a response that left us shook: "We're not gonna talk about that," he said.

When asked why not, Morgan defensively responded, "If you gone' ask that about Tiffany, ask that about Cedric, ask that about Craft Services. Everyone that come to work everyday on that show. We're not gonna go there." Morgan currently stars in Jordan Peele's TBS sitcom The Last O.G., which also stars Haddish and Cedric the Entertainer.

We're just as confused as the interviewers, but if no one else has Tiffany's back, it's clear Lil Rel does.

The Get Out star's tweeted his response and called out Morgan for biting "the hand that keeps you relevant." Yikes.

In the full clip of the video Morgan goes on to talk about other members on his cast and the people outside of Haddish who he works with everyday. Still, our reactions to the first clip were quite similar to those below:

Watch the full interview here.