Kenya Sterling, a trans actor who recently underwent surgery on his chest, had the experience of a lifetime last week when British artist Yungblud invited him to sing on stage during a concert. The singer, who was covered in a pink, white and blue trans Pride flag, handed his microphone to Sterling and allowed him to sing the chorus of his "Life On Mars?" hit along with the audience. 

While taking the stage, Sterling also took the opportunity to show off his bare chest, which was covered by bandages after surgery, PinkNews reports

“I’m nine days post-op,” he announced to the crowd.  

Yungblud, who identifies as pansexual, later went to Instagram to share a video of the inspiring moment that unfolded on stage.

“There is life on mars. I’m so proud to belong to this family that shouts and screams in the name of equality, visibility, pride and love! Keep screaming everyday, I adore you all," the singer wrote.

Sterling may have gained a few more fans in the process.

“Everyone go show some love for [@abstractkid_] you’re a f**king legend!” Yungblud wrote as he gave a shoutout to the actor.