Too bad I didn't attend last night's press preview of the new season of R. Kelly's Trapped In The Closet, which debuts on IFC this Friday, November 23. I was all tied up most of the day, yesterday, and I couldn't make it, unfortunately; because if I did, I'd have a full report for you on what to expect during this new season.

Instead, I'm relying on others who did attend for a fun-down of all that happened, including an appearance by R. Kelly himself after the screening, during which he talked about and revealed a number of items related to the series, most notably that he's working on a stage adaptation of the series, thanks to interest from Broadway producers, although he apparently didn't say who exactly.

When nudged for additional info, like if he'd star in it as well, Kelly replied details/deals are being negotiated at the moment, so nothing's finalized yet. He added that putting together each chapter in the series is an involved process, and he's an army of just one; so I guess the message there was, it'll take some time to put an entire stage show based on series together.

But he did say that he's already begun adapting the series for the stage.

So what do you guys think? Especially you theater geeks… a Trapped In The Closet on Broadway. Something tells me there won't be much applause for this one.

Catch the new season when it begins this Friday on IFC.