During an episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, the late night host refuted Kanye West’s claims that Black people are brainwashed by Democrats. 

The South African-born comedian referenced the rapper’s interview with DJ Big Boy, in which the Jesus is King producer holds that just because he’s Black doesn’t mean he aligns with the left. 

Noah countered West’s sentiments during a segment titled "Between The Scenes," questioning the music artist's belief that Black Americans could be indoctrinated, wondering if the musician is the only enlightened one. 

“So you’re saying every Black person in America is brainwashed? You’re saying that 70, 80% of Black people, 90% who are voting Democrat are brainwashed,” Noah asked. “So you’re saying you’re the only person who’s enlightened, and all these Black people are just stupidly following this Democrat victim? What is more likely?”

The comedian discussed how when voting, people tend to choose the party that gives them the best chance, even if you don’t completely like the candidate. He acknowledges that as a rich and famous Black person, West could choose to vote however he wants without facing as many consequences as non-rich Black people would. 

What Noah refuses to believe, though, is that Black women have been brainwashed, asserting that they don’t mess around when it comes to voting.  

“I don’t think Black women in America have been or can be brainwashed. I think if anything, Black women in America have the least, the least leeway when it comes to messing around with their vote,” he said. “That to me is not a brainwashed person. That is not a victim.”

Recently, the late night talk show host also discussed Gina Rodriguez’s use of the n-word, offering solutions to non-Black people who want to use the word. 

Among his suggestions were to sing the n-word on the show The Masked Singer, so viewers won’t know it’s a non-Black person singing it until weeks later. He also recommended rappers create versions of their songs without the word in it. 

“Think about it — rappers already make songs that are safe for radio. I think they need to now make versions of their songs that are safe for non-Black people,” Noah joked. “They could just replace the n-word with something safe, like ‘my friends.'”