Continuing on with highlights from the upcoming 2012 installment of the Tribeca Film Festival, which runs from April 18 – 29

A feature film titled Supporting Characters from writer/director Dan Schechter (who you'll recall is set to helm an adaptation of Elmore Leanorad's The Switch, with Yasiin Bey – formerly known as Mos Def – and John Hawkes – star of Sundance 2012 hit The Surrogate – to star).

Supporting Characters stars Alex Karpovsky and Tarik Lowe as best friends "Nick" and "Darryl" who are…

… a film editing power duo hired to rework a movie in crisis. But what should have been business as usual has taken them into a personal tailspin of their own. After some professional run-ins, Nick's seemingly innocent attraction to the film's flirtatious starlet sparks questions about his own stable relationship, and wannabe player Darryl falls hard for tempestuous pop dancer Liana (Melanie Diaz), who may have a game of her own to play. All of this takes place while the editing team tries to navigate the neuroses of the film's director (Kevin Corrigan), his dubious choices, and a new gig that tests the limits of their friendship.

The screenplay was co-written by Tarik Lowe (who's worked primarily in television) and director Daniel Schechter.

The Tribeca Film Fest writeup humorously calls it a "masculine romantic comedy."

I missed a pre-festival press screening of it, but I'll catch it during one of its 3 festival scheduled dates – 4/20, 4/22, 4/27.

Watch the trailer (and a clip from the film) below:

And here's a clip: