Rap icon Trina reminded everyone why she will forever be the “Baddest B***h” on the latest NPR Tiny Desk concert. 

Trina, born Katrina Laverne Taylor, gave fans 2000s nostalgia as she ran through her classics.  Along with the signature Tiny Desk band and background singers, Trina “welcomed” everyone to her set. 

The intimate 15-minute concert began with the rapper paying tribute to her later mother, Vernessa Taylor. She performed the acoustic version of “Mama,” a single from her 2017 album, The One. Vernessa passed away in 2019 from cancer.

“This first song is dedicated to my mom,” Trina said before performing the sentimental track. “Without her, there would be no me, and she’s the reason that I’m standing here right now for you guys. So I want you to just enjoy.”

The rapper couldn’t make it through the songs without tears, “It’s a very personal song to me, and if anybody has ever lost their mom or somebody special in their life, I dedicate this song to you.”

After sharing the song with everyone who has lost a loved one, the Miami native flawlessly shifted into the tracks that cemented her into hip-hop history.

“Now, I wanna introduce you guys to the baddest b***h. The original baddest b***h.”

With a couple of minor lyrical alternations, the 44-year-old rapper performed her classic single, “Da Baddest Chick,” the lead single from her debut solo album of the same name.

If you never thought pianos had a place over a rapper’s adlibs – this concert will change your mind.

Alton Coley, on the bass guitar, showed off on “Single Again,” the background singers had their way with “Here We Go” and the rapper took us back to the 305 with her rendition of “Nann N***a.”

With a career that spans over 20 years, Trina was the perfect addition to NPR celebrating Hip-hop’s 50th anniversary.

You can view her full concert below.