Trump Just Released A Ridiculously Racist Ad In His Continued Attack On Immigrants

Photo Credit: Twitter

| November 01 2018,

4:17 pm

The Trump campaign has released a new ad insisting Democrats’ stance on immigration is aiding and abetting crime in the U.S.

With less than a week to go before midterm elections, a recent commercial has sparked controversy. A 55-second video posted on Wednesday has been deemed racist propaganda for equating immigrants with crime. The Trump funded campaign adds to recent discussions over birthright citizenship.

CNN reports the video is a direct response to fear stemming from news of caravans carrying approximately 4,500 Central American immigrants heading toward the southern border to seek asylum in the U.S. The caravan, which originated in Honduras, will reportedly stop in Mexico before reaching the U.S.

Images of violence dominated the short clip as it cut back and forth between footage of convicted cop killer Luis Bracamontes.

Bracamontes was convicted of killing two California deputies in February. He was in the country illegally and was deported two times before the shooting, CBS Sacramento reports.

"I'm going to kill more cops soon," Bracamontes said in courtroom footage used in the ad.

His words were used to stoke fear and validate the right's belief that illegal immigrants pose a criminal threat.

The words "Democrats let him into our country. Democrats let him stay," scrolled across the screen.

Critics have called the ad a racist dog whistle meant to rile the right's base. Democrats are projected to retake the U.S. House, USA Today reports.

"This is distracting, divisive Donald at his worst," Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez told CNN.

The ad was released around the same time President Donald Trump threatened to deploy more than 15,000 troops to the border.

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