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Trump Mocks Black Republican Trailing Behind In Election: ‘Mia Love Gave Me No Love’

Love is three points behind her Democratic rival.

In the chaotic conference that followed Tuesday's midterm elections, President Donald Trump attacked fellow Republican Mia Love over what he said was a lack of loyalty. 

The Utah U.S. Representative made history as the first Black woman from the state to serve in the House. Love is currently in a tight race for the 4th Congressional District, reports Business Insider. 

Although the embattled Republican has not yet lost her bid, she currently trails her Democratic challenger, Ben McAdams, by three points.

“Mia Love gave me no love, and she lost,” Trump said. “Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia."

According to the Salt Lake City Tribune, the president claimed Love reached out to him only to ask for help freeing a Utah resident imprisoned in Venezuela.

Love has voted with the president over 90 percent of the time but has been critical of some of his key positions, including on immigration. Love is a United States citizen thanks to birthright citizenship, something Trump has said he wants to end. Her parents are from Haiti, a nation the president has reportedly referred to as a "s**thole." She did not mention Trump in her campaign advertisements; analysts saw this as a strategy to win over a broad group of voters in her district. 

Newsweek reports Trump has attacked losing Republicans who distanced themselves from him as a campaign strategy. Those who reached out for his support were thoroughly praised. 

“You had some that decided to say, ‘Let’s stay away,’” Trump said of GOP candidates who put some daylight between themselves and the president. “They did very poorly. I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad, but I feel just fine about it.”

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