Shekinah Jo lays into women who don’t have proper hygiene on this week’s episode of Blavity’s Asking for a Friend.

During a lively discussion between Shekinah and host Ts Madison about cleanliness, Shekinah turns the tables on the discussion from men to women. She tells women to see about themselves and their hygiene because some of them can be just as foul as men.

“Y’all girls need to learn how to clean yourselves. You need to learn how to go from the front to the back. That’s how you clean Becky down there,” she said. “A lot of y’all girls be having bacterial infections and all kinds of stuff and STDs and ain’t seeing about yourself. The girls get nasty. But I’m your big sister in Christ Jesus and I want y’all girls to get your hygiene in order.”

“Some of y’all girls running around here ain’t brushing your teeth, you got veneers on but plaque all up under them, okay? Get your s**t together ladies,” she continued. “I was walking behind a lady in the store the other day, she stank so bad I couldn’t even breathe.”

Listen to Shekinah’s full hilarious rant below in the full episode all about beauty standards, hygiene and more.