Ts Madison spills some of her own tea in the latest episode of Blavity’s Asking For A Friend.

This week’s topic was all about online hookups and relationships that begin online or in the DMs. Madison told her bestie Shekinah Jo that she is all for meeting someone online–and that she has met a secret someone who she’s still in love with today.

“I had got an email from a gentleman who I love to this day…and when he sent me the email, he said, ‘Hey shorty, how you doing? I’ve always been a fan of yours,'” said Madison. “I wrote him back, [saying], ‘You should have caught me when I was still in that life. I don’t do the things anymore.’ He was like, ‘Cool, I’m not a regular [N-word], I’ve got money.’ I came back and I said, ‘It’s going to cost five racks just for me to even continue this conversation.'”

That was when he wired her $5,000. When the conversation continued and the man said he wanted to fly her out to see him, Madison said she responded asking him to send $5,000 more, which he did, but under a different name. When the man asks for her name to buy the plane ticket, Madison said she asked for $2,000 more so she could buy the plane ticket herself. The man sent the extra money, but under another different name.

“I sat down. I took the first name from the first paper. I put the second name [the middle name] from the second paper and I took the last name from the last paper and I moved them around. When I put the names together, I put it in [Google] and it said [the name] and I said, ‘Ooh! Oh, this who this is!'”

We will of course never know who the man Madison is talking about, but it’s one of the many gems that you can hear in Asking For A Friend. Check out the full episode below.