It debuted in early summer on TV One – one of a handful of the docu-series that the network has seen success with, and is returning for another round, this fall, starting on November 11, under the title Fatal Attraction Reloaded, (the first installment was tilted just Fatal Attraction) premiering on Monday, November 11, at 9PM/ET.

The series, driven by real-life stories, and narrated by Lynn Whitfield, explores the devastating consequences when all-consuming romantic passions erupt, leading people to commit unthinkable and criminal acts, all in the name of love.

Included during each episode are first person interviews, reenactments, interrogation footage, and more, related to each case.

In Law & Order style, episodes open with the shocking crime, which is then followed by flashbacks via reenactments, going back to what led to the crime.

“We’ve enjoyed strong viewer response to our roster of docu-series and we believe Fatal Attraction will continue to captivate that viewer interest,” remarked Tia Smith, executive in charge of production for TV One. “Given the propensity of love-gone-wrong stories in today’s news cycle, the series taps into an unfortunate, but timely trend, illustrating the power of misguided passion.”

Watch a new promo for Fatal Attraction Reloaded below::

FAR HP5472 S1Launch 30 SaS VIMEO HD from TV One, LLC on Vimeo.