Tonight, world renowned artist Burna Boy makes history as the first Nigerian to headline Madison Square Garden. Afrobeat has put the world of music in a chokehold in recently. And Burna Boy has been at the forefront of the genre’s growth. While many would be deserving of such an honor, no one would argue that Burna Boy isn’t.

To celebrate such a pivotal moment in the culture, Twitter created the “hashmoji” aptly named #AfricaToTheWorld.

The hashmoji highlights the continued initiatives to spread African culture across the world. This is by way of the arts, cuisine, and fashion. Last night at Twitter HQ in Chelsea, NYC #Twittervoices held a private dinner to celebrate Burna Boy’s historical achievement.

Once you got upstairs you were immersed in African culture. From the inspired cocktails, to the live music, such a jubilant tone was set. Let’s not forget the cuisine, Twitter made sure to give us a taste of different countries from the motherland. There was everything from casava flan, to beef suya, and vegetable stew that was filled with chickpeas, mushrooms and string beans.

Lastly, we were able to hear from some of the folks who are on the ground who are also bringing #AfricaToTheWorld.

We heard remarks from one of the founders of Afrochella, Abdul Karim Abdullah. He touched on what inspired the annual culture festival in Ghana. We also heard from Anifa Mvuemba who owns Hanifa. She brings #AfricaToTheWorld through fashion. She touched on the moxie it took to start this venture being African, and having not attained a college degree. She is someone who has been in rooms with the likes of Anna Wintour, and whose brand continues to flourish. Both accounts were testaments to the drive that Africans are synonymously associated with.

This moment in our culture is multifaceted. Tonight’s Burna Boy Concert at the “world’s most famous arena,” Madison Square Garden, will be another notable moment for the world to celebrate in the greatness of Africa’s influence.

Check out some photos below of the event and don’t forget to visit the hashmoji #AfricaToTheWorld on Twitter.