Shout-out to the OGs! 

Twitter user @LdotAdot posted a pic of two well-seasoned black men with the caption, "Dawg. They are having an uncle off."

One gentleman stood drink in hand with a classic white linen suit; the other with eccentric striped pants coupled with a old school screen tee. You can't get better than this. The picture was the perfect inspiration for Twitter to do its thang. What were these uncles talking about? The possibilities could be endless, and were for Twitter.

This picture just terribly explained to me how niggas in the league today wouldn’t survive back in the 70s n 80s— Chill (@FuckDetroit) June 11, 2018

Yeah, there definitely has to be an anecdote about the "good ol' days" in there. If you're an uncle and don't talk about the "much better" past (especially if that past involves some unbelievable story), you ain't real. Y'all know the stories. You never quite know if Uncle/Pops' wild story is half-truth, exaggerated fable or a bold-faced lie.

This my age group, lol. A BBQ, the Blues and some brown liquor can't be far. Come here Gurl did you brang yo mama?— Urban Pirate (@20roar) June 11, 2018

The three Bs can't be excluded: BBQ, blues and brown liquor. The uncle starter pack.

And while we talking purchases, how about those lotto numbers?

"Shiiiiiiidddddd, you talking crazy" that's all I hear right now. I'm done. This is tooooooooooo much!!— SoujournerDaTruth (@Bukalove04) June 11, 2018

Followed by a "I know that's right..." 😂😂😂— Don Wright (@dcwrightphoto) June 12, 2018

Definitely gotta seal the sentence with, "I know that's right!" Because if you don't say that ... is it really co-signed? 

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Another user was sure the two men were comparing 'fits to see who was the most "sharp!"

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Users also briefly engaged in a debate about the two men's names:

Willie and Earl, or is one of them named Willie Earl?

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Could be either, to be honest. 

Whatever they were discussing, we just want to make sure we get invited to whatever cookout they're grilling at!