Last Friday, under the new leadership of Elon Musk, there were unexpected company-wide layoffs at Twitter, possible proof that the organization’s current work culture may be completely different soon.

When the sudden news of layoffs occurred and broke on Twitter, via the #OneTeam hashtag, former employees expressed gratitude for their time at the company once ran by Jack Dorsey.

While teams were handled differently across the board, some managers were allegedly told to write two sentences for all their direct reports, summing up all they’d done while at the company and why they should remain, according to the Platformer. This request put individuals in leadership in a tough position, as they wanted to preserve most of their team, especially expecting mothers, ones with illness and people on a work visa.

“You were like, this better be a f**king good sentence,” a manager told Platformer.

Some teams took a heavier loss, being completely demolished.

There is now chaos within the infrastructure of the company because people don’t know who they’re reporting to. While half are working on Musk-led project ideas, others don’t know what to do in their current roles, since changes are taking place without much context. In addition, the workloads for those left are brutal, causing them to work longer hours.

“The couple of teams that are on his pet projects are doing 20-hour days. The majority of the company is kind of just sitting around. No chain of command, no priorities, no organization chart and in many cases, no idea who your manager or team is,” a current employee told Platformer.

Surprisingly, Musk still hasn’t sent out a formal email or some type of communication to the employees who were let go. As the shocking news of layoffs still settles, it seems that a nice chunk of the employees that were cut loose are needed back, which shows someone likely jumped the gun. It was reported that managers were notifying former employees over the weekend about the rehiring process.

“Sorry to @- everybody on the weekend but I wanted to pass along that we have the opportunity to ask folks that were left off if they will come back. I need to put together names and rationales by 4 PM PST on Sunday,” a message one manager shared with Platformer.

Musk recently shared that the social media platform may be put behind a paywall. This means users who are currently verified or want to be verified will eventually have to pay a monthly fee of $8 to keep their blue check. The idea was met with backlash from influencers, celebrities and more who were outraged at the mere thought.

While Musk insists the app has been adding 15 million daily users since the end of the second quarter, this doesn’t confirm success in the near future. The recent relaunch of Twitter Blue (TB) began over the weekend, and it was a bust because it was unavailable — there wasn’t anything new for subscribers to experience.

Because midterms elections were underway, the team decided to hold off on TB’s new launch. With subscription numbers only reaching a little more than 100,000 subscribers, according to Platformer, the price increase will likely deter current and potential TB users.

One of the biggest fears stem from the assumption that there may be a subscription made for all users to use and engage on the platform, which will either be a positive or negative call for the company. With inflation and advertisers cutting back on spending, Musk will likely be in for a rude awakening if they push forward with his innovative ways to pay off Twitter’s current debt.