Ime Udoka is trending on Twitter, and it’s not because of the Boston Celtics. Sports reporter Shams Charania tweeted that the 45-year-old allegedly was found to have had an “intimate and consensual relationship” with a woman who has a role on the Celtics’ staff. This is a clear violation of Boston’s franchise guidelines.

Tweet Courtesy of @ShamsCharania

Linking up with a coworker at any job is a risky situation, especially when you are married. And when you’re married to actor Nia Long, it gets even riskier.

Udoka is the head coach of the Boston Celtics, and he led the team to the NBA Finals during his first year in 2021-2022. After people spotted her on the sidelines at multiple games, Long confirmed their relationship. As Blavity previously reported, the couple has been dating since 2010.

We were all prepared to see Long at the games loud and proud this year. So when the news broke of the alleged affair, it was pretty shocking.

And as always, Black Twitter expressed their shock in the funniest way.