Black Twitter came for Forbes film critic Scott Mendelson for making the bold claim that Black Panther's success is ruining it for other movies.  

As Black Panther continues to break records and snatch wigs along the way, writers are attempting to conceptualize the importance of the latest Marvel film's success after it hit the billion-dollar mark at the box office.

Mendelson is no different.

In his recent opinion piece, the longtime film critic said that the Ryan Coogler-directed film is "terrifying" because it has seemingly "steamrolled" the competition "at the expense of other would-be event movies."  

"Black Panther is so big, so good and so 'one size fits all' in its appeal that it has turned an entire slate of would-be blockbusters into counterprogramming," he wrote. "We had a record-setting March last year when Logan (an $88 million debut weekend), Skull Island ($61m), Beauty and the Beast ($174m), Power Rangers ($40m) and The Boss Baby ($49m) mostly thrived alongside each other. The biggies of March 2018 (Red SparrowWrinkle in Time, Tomb RaiderPacific Rim: Uprising, and Ready Player One) are getting hurt by the mid-February smash that won’t die."

Twitter users were perplexed by the language Mendelson used to describe the film's monumental success. Some pointed out that the clickbait headline was just that, clickbait. However, others stated that Mendelson's take was tone-deaf. 

But this is not the first time he has made such claims---2016's Deadpool is an example.

Phil LaMarr, actor and voice behind of many animated characters, chimed in that other major hit films like James Cameron's Avatar were not called a "nightmare" for defeating the competition. 

Users refuted Mendelson's claims by stating bluntly that other tentpole films fail because of their poor quality and not because of one particular film steamrolling them.