Twitter user Alex Leo, a start-up expert who's worked at a number of news outlets, recently put together a massive Twitter thread featuring what she believed to be fake accounts of Trump supporters pretending to be black people.

“I'm gonna do a big thread of Trump fans on Twitter pretending to be black folks and hot women," Leo wrote Tuesday. "Send me examples if you have them!”

A number of user replied to her call, and Leo soon presented a number of accounts for the world to take a look at.

“Meet racist s**t @gaius_julius44 who retweets Faith Goldy and is pretending to be @ChrisEubank” Leo wrote in her first tweet.

The tweet featured a screenshot of the account belonging to @gaius_julius44. The account was named “Deplorable Black Man;” a second screenshot shows the account's avatar is a photo of a man named “Chris Eubank.”

Keeping her promise to expose dubious accounts masquerading as "hot women," Leo tweeted about the Maga Model account, which she found used a photo of model Anna Nyström for its avatar. 

More than a dozen other accounts followed, all of them featuring stock images or photos of Black celebrities as profile photos:

Leo tweeted Wednesday that Twitter had removed all of the accounts she'd flagged.

“Holy crap, guys. Twitter booted them all,” Leo wrote in a tweet that featured screenshots of the accounts she'd featured showing them as suspended.

Twitter has not issued any comment on the accounts.

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