It takes a village. 

Twitter came to the aid of a young woman in need last week when she tried to shoot her shot at a pastor who drew a lot of thirst with some photos following his inaugural sermon. 

A pastor going by the name Demien R posted photos which accumulated nearly 70,000 likes and a ton of comments from women hoping to join his congregation.

In an interview with Faithfully, the pastor said he is a Dominican-Haitian actor living in Montreal and wanted to “prove to people that you can be a Christian and also look and dress nice and that you don’t have to look boring.”

Demien definitely did that, as evidenced by the thousands of replies from women trying to prove their Godliness to the actor. 

One woman hilariously got a bunch of assists from people hoping to back up her Christianity in Demien's replies.

The woman goes by Simone and her profile says she's a Howard alum.

Here are some of the most comical responses.