Tyler Perry has made a habit of helping people during critical times. The 50-year-old's latest generous act was tipping restaurant workers who may be struggling financially during the coronavirus crisis. 

According to TMZ, the film mogul left a $500 tip for each of the 42 employees at a Houston's restaurant in Atlanta, totaling $21,000. Perry, who is reportedly a regular customer at the restaurant, was picking up a to-go order on Sunday when he gave the large sum.

Perry's contribution could provide some relief for the employees as food establishments face uncertainty. Last month, Georgia-based restaurant owner and Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson explained the dire situation restaurants are facing during the pandemic.

"It has been some tough times overall for many restaurant owners in the last few years. Costs up, rents up, employees scarce, wine tariffs toyed sucked our bottom lines," the chef tweeted. "I was worried a year ago, but nothing like this. We are about to see a lot of places go broke forever."

Acheson expressed more concern in another tweet a day later, saying "we are so f**ked."

Business owners and employees have also expressed their concerns on social media.

"I'm a server in Atlanta with four kids. I'm legit f**ked," one person said.

"The human cost is the worst cost, telling a group of people that I may have to cut hours to the point where they lose benefits is hard, they work for me because I am a full tip share house and offer benefits," another social media user said.

According to The New York Times, about 9 million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past two weeks as the pandemic continues to take its toll. 

Perry has also tried to lift people's spirits during the coronavirus crisis. Last month, he launched a gospel challenge to relieve stress, inspiring other celebrities to sing their own rendition of "He Got The Whole World In His Hands."

The actor pulled off another heroic act last year when he reached out to an American couple who fell ill during their vacation and got stranded in a Mexico hospital because they couldn't pay their medical bills. Perry covered the $14,000 bill for Tori Austin and Stephen Johnson in addition to paying for their travel expenses to help them come back home. 

The producer helped another family in need last year, covering the rent for four children, including two minors, who were in danger of being evicted after their mother was shot and killed. 

Perry has also discussed his plans to build a compound in his Atlanta studio that would help homeless women, displaced LGBTQ youth and human trafficking victims.