After months of push from Michigan Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, both Democrats, the U.S. Senate has finally passed the Water Resources Development Act, which is good news for residents of Flint

The bill for nationwide water-related projects includes a whopping $100 million to lead pipes and infrastructure in any area where a state of emergency has been declared because of lead levels in the water. As it stands, this only applies to Flint, MI, where the water pipes were riddled with lead and put the city in a state of emergency earlier this year. But high levels of lead in the water were detected over a year ago, with reports of high blood-lead levels found in children not long after. Many residents are still resorting to bottled and filtered water for their daily needs, as the need for cleaner water remains

The Water Resources Development Act also includes a $300 million grant program through which communities can apply to receive funding for services including lead testing, corrosion control and education

Although the passage of this legislation in the Senate is great news, it might be an uphill battle to get the bill passed in the U.S. House in order to finally get to President Obama’s desk to be signed into law. Not only are legislative days running out, they have yet to pass legislation to fund the government itself

We can only hope, for the citizens of Flint, that this bill makes it through

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