Unapologetic Black Pride And Activism Came Through At This Year's African American Day Parade

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Photo credit:Photo: New York Daily News

| September 18 2017,

7:22 pm

With racial tensions extra high and apparent lately, it’s always nice to see pure celebration of black pride and joy.

This weekend, Harlem represented with the 48th African American Day Parade!

Harlemites and members of New York's African and Caribbean communities all repped their set in a parade filled with hundreds of people, the NY Daily News reports.

Photo: New York Amsterdam News

“It’s wonderful. I’ve been coming every year,” said Harlem resident Ruby Anderson. “The drums keep me dancing. It’s lovely. I like the flags, all the colors. It’s good every year.”

“It’s good that they include everyone here. I grew up in Harlem. As the area gets more gentrified, it’s good to celebrate Harlem culture,” said Frances Scherrod. “I’ve been coming for the last 15 years. I hope to continue coming here. We need to celebrate African American culture.”

Leaders such as Mayor de Blasio, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito joined the residents marching in the parade.

Residents were especially excited to see Mayo de Blasio join in the festivities. “He’s a great mayor. We love him in Harlem. He’s done so much for the city,” Christine Hunter said. “The parade is great, too. It’s a great celebration.”

African American Day Parade, Inc

Among the joy, parade marchers used the opportunity to continue their fight for social reform, including the fight against gentrification.

For example, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) wants to build luxury housing on public land. Protesters against the plan carried signs reading things like, “Stop NYCHA! Stop Pushing Out The Poor!”

“We need to tell NYCHA 'No!' You need to call your elected official and say, ‘No!’ ” a woman shouted via megaphone.

A mixture of black joy and fighting for your rights! We love it!