Scott Hagan, president of North Central University in Minneapolis, challenged schools to create a scholarship fund in honor of the life of George Floyd during his memorial service on Thursday.

"I want to announce, as president of this school, the institution of the George Floyd memorial scholarship. Even before announcing this scholarship, yesterday unsolicited, over $53,000 was handed to me to contribute toward the educational promise of aspiring young Black American leaders," Hagan said during the service. 

"Far beyond North Central University, I am now challenging every university president in the United States of America to establish your own George Floyd memorial scholarship fund so people across this nation can give to the college of their choice," he added.

"It is time to invest like never before in a new generation of young Black Americans who are poised and ready to take leadership of our nation. So university presidents, let's step up together," Hagan said. 

On the school's website, there is a page for the fund where you can donate. The school website states the money will "assist in funding our Act Six program which produces future urban leaders."

Others have also begun to create scholarships in honor of Floyd's life and legacy. Anthony Knotts, owner of Seafood Destiny in Greensboro, North Carolina, told local news outlet Fox 8 that he is creating a scholarship fund for Floyd through his restaurant.

“I began to ask myself the question, what can I do that would be positive? To make sure the situation is not forgotten? Because it seems like these situations happen, there’s a little space, but then it seems to be forgotten until the next situation takes place,” Knotts said.

His restaurant now has a George Floyd dish, and a portion of the money brought in from the plates will go toward a scholarship for Black students.

“I went to college, I dropped out. I struggled with tuition, and a scholarship here, a scholarship there could make a difference in somebody’s life. I already have that feeling of what it’s going to feel like on that day when we give one scholarship, two scholarships. I’m already there and I look forward to that taking place,” he said.

Another scholarship was created in Macon, Missouri, by Rhonda Anno. Anno told the Macon County Home Press that the Macon County George Floyd Scholarship will be for graduating seniors in Macon County and will only require an essay that is focused on several topics related to justice, equality, community change and other issues.

"When George died, his voice was silenced. I still want him to be heard and this was the only way I could help. I want Macon County to be an advocate for Mr. Floyd and others that have similar tragic stories. We all can post our opinions on social media, but there comes a time where action must happen. That is the only way our words begin to have meaning and value," Anno said.