nullOur apologies folks, but due to circumstances way beyond
our control we were not able to post the weekend’s box office returns on Sunday
as usual (or anything else for that matter).

But now we can; and in case you didn’t know already, "Think Like A Man Too" was the number one this weekend with $30 million, as if that was any surprise.

Perhaps the only real surprise is that the film did not
beat or match the $33.6 million that
the first TLAM film made its opening weekend. Most estimates had the sequel
doing $34-35 million with some
analysts saying that was too low and predicting that film could do $40 million or more, but still $30
million is nothing to sneeze at.

The question is, will the film equal the $91.6 million that the first film made
at the box office domestically? At this stage it seems unlikely, but of course
that all depends on the word of mouth and what other summer films are coming
out during the next few weeks that could give it some stiff competition.

Meanwhile, this past weekend’s other major release, Clint Eastwood’s film version of
Broadway hit musical about Frankie Valli
and The Four Seasons, "Jersey Boys" performed with
lackluster results, coming in at 4th place with $13 million, with "22 Jump
Street" at No. 2 still performing very strongly.

The big question is, why isn’t "How To Train Your Dragon 2" performing better? Though it may seem
that the $95 million the film has
grossed so far is not bad at all (add to that another $76 million the film has made in 14 overseas markets to date), the
movie was excepted to do a lot better.

In fact, several box office analysts tagged the film to be
the biggest grosser of the summer which, at this point, it won’t be. What happened? The reviews have been
fantastic, and the word of mouth, has been about as strong as any film can get, so why
are people holding back from seeing it?

And "Belle" was in 15th place with $9.2 million so far at the box office
domestically. It has yet to be released overseas.

UPDATE: The official box office weekend numbers came in and Think Like A Man Too actually did less than $30 million pulling in instead $29.2 million. Still nothing to sneeze at but still a bigger disappointment considering what everyone thought that film would do. And it’s more than certain now that the film will not match the total gross of the first 

1) Think Like a Man Too SGem $30,000,000 
2) 22 Jump Street Sony $29,000,000 : $111,450,000 
3) How to Train Your Dragon 2 Fox $25,300,000 Total:  $95,177,000 
4) Jersey Boys WB $13,515,000 0 
5) Maleficent BV $13,012,000 Total:  $185,980,000 
6) Edge of Tomorrow WB $10,340,000 Total:  $74,511,000  
7) The Fault in our Stars Fox $8,600,000 Total:  $98,728,000 
8) X-Men: Days of Future Past Fox $6,200,000 Total:  $216,794,000 
9) Chef ORF $1,845,000 Total:  $16,942,000 
10) Godzilla WB $1,820,000 Total:  $194,915,000 
11) A Million Ways to Die in the West Uni. $1,622,000 -Total:  $40,324,000 
12) Neighbors Uni. $1,369,000 Total:  $145,717,000