A Victoria's Secret model is catching major flack after she found a way to make models of color speaking on their struggles all about her.

E!'s new reality show, Model Squad, documents nine women as they navigate New York Fashion Week. Just like in any other industry, the treatment of women of color differs vastly from that of their white counterparts. Instead of merely listening to these women speak on their struggles, model Devon Windsor made a failed attempt to be relatable by equating being blonde to not getting booked based off of the color of your skin. 

In a clip from last Thursday's episode, four of Windsors fellow models — Daniela Braga, Ashley Moore, Shanina Shaik and Ping Hue — have a candid conversation about diversity.

"A lot of black girls would have to miss Milan because we wouldn’t be able to walk in the shows because [designers] didn’t want girls that color," Shaik said. 

When the ladies explained that Windsor likely wouldn't understand, she got defensive, claiming that she, too, has faced oppression

"I literally f**king went through hell and lived in different countries like every other month," Windsor said. "And didn't speak that language. I didn't speak Paris and didn't speak Italian. I did that for like two years."

Living in a different country for the jobs that you were able to book isn't the same as not getting booked at all. However, the Caucasity of her statements doesn't stop there. She added that her hair color has been the cause of so much strife and heartache. 

“You know how hard it is to be blonde?” she asked. “I have to get a highlight every month!”

Unsurprisingly, the models were less than moved by the recap of her struggles. 

"Oh my god, small violin," Ping responded nonchalantly.

Of course, Twitter was also less than impressed, letting Windsor have it for her tone-deaf commentary. 

Windsor has since issued an apology, insisting that much of the show was edited and being insensitive was never her intent.

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