This video will convince you that naturalistas are all in one big cult

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| June 19 2016,

00:30 am

The Peak, a video-sharing platform that brands itself as the "World Star For Smart People", released a video that will make you run for the hills — if you have a perm, that is

Photo: Giphy via The Peak
Photo: Giphy via The Peak
We all know another black woman who is natural. Maybe she did the big chop a few years ago, maybe she's been natural her whole life or maybe you're her. But have you ever considered that the natural hair movement might really be a cult? This video makes way too much sense to not be true. The natural hair movement has been claiming black women left and right. Maybe hairdressers are operating as double agents, convincing you to "go natural" because it's better for you or because you'll be a member on their roster

Don't know what to make of it? Watch the full video for a laugh below:

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