Viola Davis can do no wrong, period. That’s the sentence. Over the last couple of weeks, our beloved Davis has received flack for her portrayal of former First Lady Michelle Obama. Starring in the Showtime series The First Lady, the actor’s rendition of Obama has garnered criticism on social media. Whether one agrees with her said portrayal, we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge Davis’ iconic roles over the years. Sure, this portrayal may or may not have been her best, but does that negate her laundry list of achievements? It doesn’t and it shouldn’t. And to prove that, we’re reminding you with a list of eight of her greatest performances to date.

1. "Fences"

This film, based on August Wilson’s play of the same name, can speak for Davis’ resume alone. Playing the matriarch, Rose Lee Maxson, of the Maxson family, Davis delivers some of her best work.

2. "Suicide Squad"

Black women are superheroes, so it makes sense that Davis was cast in a film about them. Despite playing a villain, Davis brought the character of Amanda Waller to life in true Davis fashion — fashionable and witty.

3. "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom"

Davis’ portrayal of the legendary Ma Rainey will go down in history. Based on the play of the same name, Davis’ performance added a new depth to the late singer, showing us all (again) just how it’s done.

4. "Widows"

This 2018 film sees Davis playing the character of Veronica Rawlings, a widow racing to save her own life. Teaming up with a handful of other widows to right the wrongs of their husbands, Davis showcases her incredible range in this film.

5. "Lila and Eve"

Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez as a duo is something we didn’t know we needed. Davis’ character, Lila, teams up with Eve, played by Lopez, to take matters into her own hands when her son is murdered.

6. "The Help"

This film may have been titled The Help, but Davis surely didn’t need any for her legendary performance. Davis’ character Aibileen leads this ensemble cast as a maid who stands up for herself and others in this dramedy.

7. "Prisoners"

Davis, again, captivated audiences with her portrayal of the character and mother Nancy Birch. Shuffling between the feelings of anguish, sadness and desperation as a mother looking for her child.

8. "Get On Up"

No one plays the role of a mother as fabulously as Davis. The veteran’s performance as Susie Brown, mother of music legend James Brown, is as iconic as Brown, himself.

Just because you didn’t like Davis’ portrayal of Michelle Obama, doesn’t mean she’s a bad actress. As you can see from the examples above, she’s quite the opposite.