Viral Cancer Survivor Shares The Inspirational Story Of How She Beat The Illness Three Times

Lakesha Ball survived cancer three times in three years.

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| March 17 2019,

9:33 pm

A Baltimore woman who went viral for her joyful ringing of a bell to celebrate her cancer-free status is now sharing her harrowing story.

Lakesha Ball rang the bell with all of her might on Monday, celebrating the end of a long three-year battle with cancer. Her daughter, who goes by @_ErkyRy on Twitter, posted the video, and Ball's excitement captured the hearts of millions online.

As of Friday afternoon, the video has amassed over 67,000 reposts, 293,000 likes and nearly 3 million views.

"Today my mother RUNG THE BELL," her daughter wrote. "My baby is CANCER FREE THANK YOU LORDDD. RING THAT BELL MA. Take it off the wall. You are BLESSED."

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In May 2017, Ball was diagnosed with breast cancer, reports FOX 45. She underwent lumpectomy surgery, removing the cancerous lump and some of the tissue around it. However, just a few months later, Ball's cancer returned.

"I never got discouraged, never sad," Ball said. "I walked with God the whole way ... prayed the whole time."

WJLA reports Ball had yet another surgery to better her chances of preventing another recurrence after her second diagnosis. But after feeling better following the second round of chemotherapy, Ball was met with a third diagnosis.

She refused to give up and went through two more years of radiation treatments. On Monday, Ball rejoiced at conquering cancer for a third time, ringing the bell with all of her might in the heart-warming viral video.

"I was determined to ring that bell, I almost pulled that bell off the wall!" she said.

Ball gave thanks to her support system including her children, family and her friends who she refers to as "sisters" for keeping her encouraged throughout the ordeal. Now that she is well, she plans on becoming a breast cancer advocate to help other women struggling with the illness.

"This is my victory!" she said.

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