nullFans of the hit Fox soap opear should appreciate this "Behind the Music"-esque series likely created to keep you engaged while you wait for the second season next year. I suspect the marketing team has lots of other post-season engagement ideas, and that this YouTube series is just the beginning of what’s to come between now and January 2015 (likely) when the show returns.

Although this could also serve as a 4-part summary of the first season for those who have yet to watch it, and are plan to later (maybe via binge-watching). 

Title "The Inside Track: The Rise of EMPIRE," go behind the drama you watched on TV every week, and get the "inside track" on how things really went down – going all the way back to the late 1970’s when Cookie and Lucious first fell in love, following the Philadelphia family through the ups and downs of their rise to power.

Consider it a prequel to the hit show, and find out how exactly did this "Camelot of Rap” started, and who is truly the cornerstone of the billion-dollar kingdom? 

Watch all 4 parts of "The Inside Track: The Rise of EMPIRE" below: