Unloading some more new web series this week; Here's the first of several.

Titled Heroic Daze, its synopsis reads:

Mr. Nyce Guy and The Redd Robbyn are step brothers; they were adopted by two rich philanthropist parents who adopted a child from every state in the country. The two became very close because of their age and common interests in comic book heroes. Having 48 other siblings they asserted themselves as the law enforcers of the family, while the others broke simple house rules MNG and TRR sought acceptance by telling on them to win their parents approval. Their parents Donny and Marie rewarded them with comic book memorabilia which made the two very happy., although not making them the most popular amongst Their other siblings, the two had to rely on each other for companionship, which made them a bit recluse. They began to fantasize about becoming heroes themselves when they got older, mimicking the actions of their favorite superheroes.

Directed by Bryan Lugo, the series stars Lugo, Matthew Mckinley, Harold Stancle, Marlon Bivens, Joshua D. Lewis, Neil Brown Jr., and Derrick White.

Watch episode 1 below and, as usual, give it a thumbs up or down, which will determine whether we continue to feature it: