I feel like a true VIP because I had the exclusive opportunity to watch season two of Get Your Life before it premiered here on Blavity. And I must say, Amanda strikes again with pure gold. Her chill is just as deficient as season one and the struggle continues in her journey to becoming a comedy icon. 

The overarching theme of season two is valuing your identity and maintaining integrity in the face of opportunity and opposition. Now settled in LA, Amanda hits the ground running to become the first black woman comedy superstar but soon realizes there’s more to the title than just success. In the aftermath of her Toprah Shanks appearance, Amanda quickly realizes she’s just a little too real for her own good. 

Photo: "Get Your Life"

Relationship mishaps, social media trolls, and disastrous acting jobs, there’s a certain beauty to watching Amanda get into shit and digging her way out. 

But hey, isn’t that what life’s all about? 

Photo: "Get Your Life"

Get Your Life isn’t complete without the dynamic cast. Lil Rel returns with a list of new faces to the show including his Carmichael Show castmate, Tiffany Haddish. Recording artist Estelle, James Bland, Karen Civil, Simone Shepard and more join in on Amanda’s rocky ride to the top. 

Take Amanda’s lead. Get Your Life like right now and immerse yourself in Amanda’s world! Click here to watch all seven episodes.

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