We already told you about the planned remake, as well as a stage musical adaptation of the 1992 film, 'The Bodyguard, which starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston.

Regarding the stage musical adaptation, last September we announced Tony and Grammy award winner Heather Headley's casting to star in the role originated by Whitney Houston on film.

Rehearsals for the David Ian-produced stage musical are fully underway, aiming for a fall 2012 debut, this November at the Adelphi Theatre, on London's West End, with an eventual Broadway run likely at this point, given Houston's recent death, and the rush to capitalize on that.

Thea Sharrock (Equus with Daniel Radcliffe) will direct.

As already noted in a previous post, the death of Whitney Houston certainly gives every upcoming project that she was ever associated with or connect to in any way, a much higher profile; they've suddenly taken on even more significance, and I'm betting Heather Headley is aware of this.

Headley's past stage credits include, among other shows, the title role in Aida, for which she won the 2000 Tony.

The story again goes… When arrogant and domineering musical superstar (played by Whitney Houston in the film, and now to be played by Headley in the stage musical) begins receiving death threats, she hires a bodyguard. Enter an ex-Secret Service agent with his own demons, and his unpopular, stringent security measures. Inevitably, Costner and Houston fall in love, and some other predictable drama ensues.

Reports have said that this musical stage version of The Bodyguard won’t just be repeating the film. Instead, playwright Alex Dinelarius has written a work that isn’t a word-for-word copycat of the picture. Plus, several other numbers associated with Houston, such as I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me), and, as you'll hear in the video below, So Emotional, will be used in the show.

Interesting… so I suppose they'll be mining Whitney's library of music for songs to use in the show, and not just material from the film's soundtrack.

The 1992 film grossed over $400 million worldwide at the box office.

About an hour ago, star Headley tweeted this video of her rehearsing So Emotional with the production's musicians in London; her exact words were:

A little taste of "So Emotional" from "The Bodyguard" musical rehearsals. Jet lagged, but working it out 😉  

Watch her blow below; comparisons to Whitney are more than likely:

Heather Headley on WhoSay

And watch Headley's video diary entry from yesterday, after arriving in London, talking about getting ready for the show, and the work that lies ahead of her:
Heather Headley on WhoSay