Here's a second clip from Matthew Cherry's family drama, The Last Fall, which stars Lance Gross and Nicole Beharie, which will begin its theatrical run next week Friday, October 26thin Los Angeles, at the Rave Theaters in the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw plaza

Once again, its synopsis reads:

After several years in the playing professional football, Kyle Bishop is released from his fourth team in three years and returns to his home town, broke and at a complete loss about what he will do for a living. After an initially cold reception, Kyle reconnects with Faith Davis, his old high school sweetheart. Ready to leave football far in the past, Kyle gets a job at a local gym and starts planning a new life with Faith and her young son, Von. However, when Kyle unexpectedly gets a lucrative offer from another professional team, and the father of Faith's son, Rell, tries to win his way back in her life, he is torn about what path to take.

Vanessa Bell CallowayHarry LennixDarrin Henson and Keith David round out the cast of the film, which was produced by Gross, along with Nikki Love and Scott HebertEllis HobbsMonique Hobbs and Monica A. Young.

As usual, if the film does very well when it opens in LA, expect a gradual expansion into other cities. Audiences can also set up and demand screenings of The Last Fall in their respective cities by using

By the way, Matthew returned with a new entry to his S&A filmmaker diary series last week, addressing film deliverables; or as he bluntly put it, things that he wished someone had explained to him when he was making the film. If you missed that entry, read it HERE.

Showtimes at at The Rave Cinemas Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza 15 are as follows: 10:10am,12:30pm, 3:00pm, 5:30pm, 8:10pm and 10:50pm, in a 200 seat theater. 

Advance tickets sales are now available on HERE. Matthew says that their goal is to have 1,000 people see the film the first two days of opening weekend. Folks can RSVP on Facebook HERE.

In this new clip Lance's character (Kyle Bishop) has a heart to heart talk with his mother Vanessa Bell Calloway's character (Marie Bishop) about what he is going to do next with his life now that he has retired from professional football. And underneath the clip you'll find a new poster for the film: