Here’s a short film from writer/director Jordan Thomas, titled Fort Greene, which I publish in light of recent fiery debates on gentrification in the Brooklyn locale (see Spike Lee vs A.O. Scott vs Anthony Mackie vs Michael Rapaport).

I call it a “slice of life” film because of its seemingly naturalistic representation of real life as it happens in the neighborhood, presenting an arbitrary sample of the characters who live there.

Here’s what Jordan’s email to me states, including what the film is about:

I wrote and directed my first film, a 9-minute short called “Fort Greene” that I wanted to share with you.  It’s set in the heart of a rapidly-gentrifying Brooklyn neighborhood and chronicles the events surrounding a mysterious shoplifting incident at a high-end clothing store two doors down from Ralph’s bodega, the unofficial neighborhood Town Square. In 2013, the film premiered at New Voices in Black Cinema and then played at Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, Beacon Independent Film Festival, Crown Heights Film Festival, and Philadelphia Film Festival. It also aired on Philly Film Fest On-demand/Comcast.

The 9-minute piece is embedded below: