The 60-min documentary about twins Al Mills & Nnamdi Chukwuocha, Why I Write: The Twin Poets, is another feature screening at 2011 The Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis (October 13-22). Why I Write is cinematographed by Pascal Dieckmann and edited by Julie Pfeifenroth.

From the website‘s About the Film:

“Why I Write” is a universal story of devotion to art and community – the powerful tale of the life and death struggle of helping children grow up in the face of poverty and violence, seen as it happens in the tough Riverside neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware. Twin brothers Al Mills and Nnamdi Chukwuocha are men who have found a mission: using poetry and social action to awaken the spirit of awareness buried deep within the souls of the downtrodden. No one who has witnessed a performance by the Twin Poets can deny the power of their words. Their kinetic, socially-focused work has made Al and Nnamdi two of the most recognizable and respected poets on the spoken word scene.

Despite lucrative offers from the entertainment industry and the prospect of fame and fortune, the Twins returned to Wilmington to pursue their true passion – social work. For the past fifteen years these two wordsmiths have been warriors on the front lines of a ravaged community. They are following in the footsteps of their father, Civil Rights Activist William “Hicks” Anderson. Their art has become a tool for action, their words a source of hope and inspiration.

This new documentary by the Hearts and Minds Film Initiative & Teleduction chronicles the stunning story of these two leaders, as indivisible from each other as they are from their goals and dreams and the community that raised & inspired them and now calls out for their aid. Their boundless artistic energy and dedication to service are a model for all young people to follow.

See the trailer below.