El Sofa de La Habana (Havana’s Sofa) is currently making its rounds at film festivals in Spain and France. The 52-minute documentary, written, directed and produced by Magda Wodecka and Grégory Szeps, was inspired by the filmmakers first visit to Cuba and their interaction with inhabitants along a stretch in its sea front, also known as “Havana’s Sofa” during a period of political change in Cuba.

The film’s full summary is as follows:
Caruka, Raul, Nelson and Yanuci are divided between collectivism and individualism. Cuba changes and their only reference mark is the Havana’s sea front, El Malecon. There, inside this micro-society, they looking for an outlet for their daily difficulties. This place is the expression of their faintness and their daily fight «la lucha » to live with dignity. The Havana’s Sofa, seven kilometers long low wall gathers all the Cubans. Malecon is one of the last barrier to the change of their society.

I’ve always been intrigued by the political climate of Cuba; I’m interested in checking this out.

Here’s the 7-minute preview below.

A new documentary about Cuba “El Sofa de La Habana” from Gregory Szeps on Vimeo.