A 19-year-old law student from South Africa was allegedly stabbed and killed by a boy who'd been obsessed with her. 

According to Sowentan Live, Lesego Lekoko of Evaton, South Africa, died Sunday afternoon at the hands of her neighbor, David 'Rastory' Mphandla. After allegedly stabbing the victim with a butcher knife, Mphandla committed suicide in his apartment.  

Lekoko's sister, Carly Mavuso, told reporters he'd been harassing the young woman according to enca.com:

"I came here on Sunday to visit Lesego and we were sitting and chatting before David came to ask for her. I met him at the door when he knocked and it looked like his eyes were burning with anger."

Mphandla went to Lesego's house claiming to have been looking for the landlady. He then began begging her to accompany him home so they could talk.

However, Mavuso felt that something was not right and followed the couple as they left. 

"They left while I was bathing my baby. I then went out after them because I could tell this guy looked angry and would probably attack my sister," Mavuso said. 

By the time Mavuso found her sister, it was too late, and she was screaming for her life. 

"She was alone and was holding onto her intestines while screaming for help. The guy fled and went to his house after stabbing her," Mavuso continued. 

Mavuso warned her sister about Mphandla. Months prior, he persistently pursued Lesego; she went as far as changing her number to avoid him. 

Mavuso said her sister had a kind and quiet spirit. 

"She kept to herself and didn't go out much. She focused on her studies and was a good person; she didn't deserve this," Mavuso said. "We're all shocked and shattered, we're only able to express ourselves in tears."

Lekoko will be buried next to her mother in the North West Province.