August is usually the “calmer” month of the summer film
season. By then, the humongous CGI bloated, tentpole movies have come and gone
(sometimes sooner than expected), and more adult films slowly, but blessedly, begin to appear leading up to the fall film season.

And the first hint of this more mature film season to come is the Denzel Washington/Mark Wahlberg
actioner 2 Guns , which topped this week’s
weekend B.O. chart with a respectable $27
, while The Wolverine held on to the No. 2 slot.


in the meantime is almost at the $150
mark and The Conjuring
still has strong legs heading to an eventual $150
tally as well. However Pacific
is barely struggling to hit the $100
mark, though the film has grossed over $140 million overseas to date.

Meanwhile Fruitvale
slipped out of the top ten, but is still doing strong on just under
1100 screens with almost $11 million so far at the box office.

1) 2 Guns Uni. $27,361,000 
2) The Wolverine Fox $21,725,000 Total: $95,039,000 
3) The Smurfs 2 Sony $18,200,000 Total: $27,761,000 
4) The Conjuring WB $13,660,000 Total: $108,590,000 
5) Despicable Me 2 Uni. $10,391,000 Total: $326,668,000 
6) Grown Ups 2 Sony $8,100,000 Total: $116,400,000 
7) Turbo Fox $6,400,000 Total: $69,479,000 
8) Red 2 LG/S $5,650,000 Total: $45,153,000 
9) The Heat Fox $4,725,000 Total: $149,566,000 
10) Pacific Rim WB $4,570,000 -Total: $92,961,000 
11) The Way, Way Back FoxS $2,850,000 Total: $13,672,000 
12) Fruitvale Station Wein. $2,700,000 Total: $10,952,000