I keep saying that eventually people will tire
of comic book super hero movies and will long for more adult movies again about
people interacting with people, and I keep getting proved wrong.

The latest evidence that I don’t know what I’m talking
about is Iron Man 3, which opened to a stunning $175 million domestically
with a worldwide total to date of $680
. And the film has only been
out for just over a week. How far can it go?

But there are films that are also making money as well. 42 is still holding on strong, coming, as it did last week, in third place and still easily looks headed for
an eventual gross of $90-100 million.

Not exactly Iron Man figures (what film could match that?) but pretty good nevertheless anyway.

1) Iron Man 3 BV $175,300,000
2) Pain and Gain Par.
$7,600,000 Total: $33,919,000
3) 42 WB $6,210,000 Total: $78,336,000
Oblivion Uni. $5,797,000 Total: $75,969,000 
5) The Croods Fox $4,225,000
Total: $168,743,000
6) The Big Wedding LGF $3,875,000 Total: $7,500, 000

7) Mud RAtt. $2,150,000  Total: $5,158,000
8) Oz The Great and Powerful
BV $1,822,000 Total: $228,568,000
9) Scary Movie 5 W/Dim. $1,435,000 Total:
10) The Place Beyond the Pines Focus $1,298,000 Total:
11) G.I. Joe: Retaliation Par. $1,275,000 Total: $118,757,000

12) Olympus Has Fallen FD $1,185,000 Total: $95,365,000