I went to a predominantly white university. In fact, I went to one of the whitest universities in the country. It’s a huge, beautiful campus in the middle of Illinois that is known nationwide for its party culture, playing host to the largest college greek system in the world and its Big Ten football team. It’s the kind of school those college bro comedies are based on. With black people only making up about 5 percent of the population, our culture was not the foundation of the educational or social makeup. But that doesn’t mean we were just lost souls trapped in a world of Ugg boots and North Face windbreakers

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In fact, the adversity made our community stronger, more organized, and if we’re being honest, kind of lit.

Even at a school that was the pinnacle of whiteness, I still had a black college experience.

We were black… AF.

Photo: Giphy

I see both the pros and the cons of attending an HBCU over a PWI.

But if your concern in choosing a university where you're a minority is that you'll somehow miss out on a college experience that supports your blackness, you might be mistaken.

HBCUs have a rich history that has shaped the story of blackness in this country.

This reinforces what we all know to be true about blackness — it’s resilient.

We’d love to hear from you! If you went to a PWI, comment below and tell us what events and traditions kept black culture alive and lit.

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