I love setting intentions for my yoga practice. When I first started practicing, I didn’t know what it meant to set an intention. After years of practice and studying, I’ve come to learn the true meaning and power of an intention — whenever you set out to accomplish something there’s an end goal in mind, something worth striving for.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, an intention is the thing that you plan to do or achieve, an aim or purpose. It’s a great way to keep you motivated and focused on your higher purpose. In yoga, teachers might ask you to set an intention at the beginning of class and to remember it even after the class is over and you return to your busy life. Calling on those intentions during and after your yoga practice is like utilizing little self-reminders to push through whatever challenges you might face.

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr

You can set intentions without ever setting foot on a yoga mat. For example, in the morning before you start your day, think of how you want the day to go and what you want to accomplish. Setting intentions can drastically change your outlook on yourself, relationships, money, spirituality and even how you view the world. Think of an intention like directions to your end destination. It’s a great way to achieve your goals and to make your dreams come true.

Is setting an intention part of your daily routine? If not, how do you plan on working them into your day? Share with us in the comments below.

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