Family members of a Jamaican man who attended a camping trip in rural Pennsylvania and was allegedly shot by his white coworker are frustrated that the gunman will not be charged, ABC News reports.

On Dec. 12, Peter Bernardo Spencer was shot nine times. Police found him face down in front of the cabin when they arrived on the scene. Four people were taken into custody, including the alleged shooter, an unidentified 25-year-old who admitted to shooting Spencer in “self-defense.”

After speaking with the Venango County DA’s office, all four individuals were released pending an ongoing investigation, Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports.

On Tuesday, District Attorney Shawn White said that officials believed there was “enough evidence presented for self-defense that we are not going to be able to overcome our burden and show this was not self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt, and for that reason, there will be no charges filed against the suspect in this case.”