The wide distribution of KKK flyers has been an issue over the past few months, particularly in areas in Virginia, where residents have been expressing high concern. 

Now, Atlanta, Georgia, is being hit by a white supremacist group's recruitment tactics. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, Northeast Atlanta homeowners are concerned about the "offensive" flyers from a Texas-based group called the Patriot Front that has appeared on their lawns and doorsteps in plastic bags. 

"This was done in the middle of the night. On the porch, I heard a noise. Next morning, it was there,” said Travis Glahn. “It’s pretty offensive.”

The flyers were distributed in what is considered to a be a progressive and inclusive neighborhood, and argue that a "global elite" has taken over the U.S. government with the goal of promoting the "migrant underclass" over "our people."

The residents of the neighborhood aren't here for that message.

“They want to offend as many people as they can,” Michelle Cormack said.

“It's a threat. I feel like it's a threat, to say, 'We're here,'" Cathy Stephens added.

“It's directly opposite of how a lot of people feel here," Maya Hahn told FOX Atlanta. "This is not the Candler Park way. When I moved here in 1978, it was the diversity of the neighborhood and that's what kept me here."

Hahn, has a sign displayed in her yard that reads: “This House Opposes Hatred In Any Form." Although she said she opposes the views expressed by the Patriot Front, she still respects the group's right to express their opinions and beliefs. 

“We have a First Amendment, they have every right to speak out just as I do with my signs,” Hahn said. 

Her neighbor, Van Jensen, had a similar sign and says that those distributing the flyers stole it. He called the flyers “a really poorly designed leaflet advocating global conspiracy against white people," and said he believes Charlottesville has caused white supremacist groups to express themselves louder these days.

“There's a splintering nexus of groups stemming from the Charlottesville march and it seems like this is one of them that grew out of that,” Jensen said.