If a person isn’t Black and uses the word "n***a," it’s alright as long as they had a Black nanny, according to a Wisconsin teacher.

The Bradford High Italian teacher began to use the word when she heard one of her students say it to their classmate, according to Newsweek. A video of the incident shows the teacher insisting she should be allowed to say it because she had a Black nanny. After the declaration, she repeated, "I can say it," waved her arms and yelled the word at least eight times.

The incident occurred on November 29, but nothing was done about it until Tuesday even though a parent complained the day it happened, according to CBS58.

 “She brought up that when she was younger, she had a nanny who was of color, and that people often called her nanny that so she felt comfortable using that type of language,” said Kristal Manthe, whose sister and son are in the class.

A student in the class at the time said she is uncomfortable with being around the instructor.

“It’s not a class that I feel like I want to participate in anymore,” the girl said.

Kenosha Unified School District released a statement confirming an investigation is in progress.

"The district was made aware of this incident today and has launched an investigation. The employee has been placed on paid leave while the investigation is completed; however, no additional details can be shared due to personnel privacy rights,” a school spokesperson said.

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