Several neo-Nazis were arrested after they assaulted a Black DJ in a Washington state bar to commemorate the death of a white supremacist leader.

Seven men and one woman were arrested after they attacked the DJ as he spun at a bar in Lynwood, Washington, on Saturday morning, according to The Associated Press. The DJ was taken to a nearby hospital where he received treatment. Fortunately, his wounds weren't life-threatening. An Asian man attempting to stop the attack was also hurt.

The incident popped off when the group entered the bar and demanded the man play heavy metal music, reports WKYC. The DJ refused and took a smoke break. When he returned, the men and woman attacked him while shouting racial slurs.

Investigators say some of the attackers were affiliated with the Aryan Brotherhood. The men and woman were from several states including Washington, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois and Oregon; officials believe they were in town to celebrate “Martyr’s Day,” the anniversary of the death of Robert Jay Mathews, leader of white supremacist group The Order. Mathews was killed during a gun battle with the FBI in 1984.

All of the supremacists were apprehended as they attempted to flee the scene. One of the men, Randy A. Smith, had blood on his hands.

Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary promised his department would throw the book at the offenders.

“We do not and will not ever tolerate acts of hate in Snohomish County,” he said. “The violent behavior directed at members of our community over the weekend simply because of their race is disgusting. The Sheriff’s Office is partnering with the FBI in hopes of getting the strongest sentencing possible for these hate crimes.”

The attackers were open about their views, according to Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Shari Ireton.

"Specifically, for the person who is from Snohomish County, we've had interactions with him several times. He is listed in our jail registry as a white supremacist," said Ireton. "The others had tattoos or clothing that would identify them as that, or they told patrol deputies. It was a combination of any of those three things."

All of the suspects except one, Cory Colwell, are being held on $15,000 bail. Colwell was released on his recognizance.

The woman arrested, Leah Northcraft, did not participate in the attack but did shout racial slurs, meaning she could be charged with malicious harassment. All of the attackers, however, are being investigated for malicious harassment, assault, malicious mischief and driving under the influence. Formal charges are forthcoming.

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