No one is safe from a white woman using 911 as a customer service line, including marine mammals.

A humpback whale got curious about a boat as he swam through the Pacific Ocean near Puget Sound, Oregon, according to a video Darren Lucianna posted on his Facebook page.

As the huge creature surveyed the boat, its inhabitants got worried because the animal’s movements caused the boat to rock.

“Oh my god, it's going right underneath us you guys," one woman said. 

"We're going to die," yelled another.

A man, presumably Lucianna, tried to calm everyone down as they screamed and cried.

“Relax. He’s going to check us out, and then he’s going to go away. Relax. Seriously,” he said.

It didn’t work because a woman could be heard talking to the police in the background.

“I’m out in Puget Sound, and there’s three huge grey whales underneath our boat, and I’m afraid that we might get flipped over,” she said.

They drove away from the whales and were left unharmed.

Lucianna deleted the video from his page, but it was too late, and the caller got clowned.

Instead of calling the police, maybe the woman should have called Dory.

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