Two non-Black women were found tagging a Starbucks building with the Black Lives Matter movement initialism during Los Angeles protests for George Floyd and were confronted by Black women.

The women, who were wearing all black and covering their faces, were seen spray-painting a Los Angeles Starbucks with “BLM,” according to TMZ. Black women, who were protesting, approached the women and urged them to stop because of the repercussions their actions would have on Black people.

“Hey, hey don’t do that. Please don’t do that,” a person off-camera can be heard saying.

“See that, look. I want you to know this, let me tell you this, this is not a Black woman who is putting Black lives matter,” the woman holding the camera says.

A Black woman can be seen walking up to one of the women, who is white, who stopped spray-painting and began to have a conversation. The second woman, who could be of color but is not Black, continues painting the establishment.