Whoopi Goldberg took Republicans to task on The View Thursday after many voted against a bill that would aim to curb domestic terrorism after the recent mass shooting in Buffalo.

Goldberg went after the cohort of conservative politicians after all but one Republican representative opposed the bill.

1. Whoopi Goldberg targets Republicans

According to Decider, Goldberg asked, “When did Washington really get to be a place where stopping domestic terrorism is divisive?” then described  Republicans as “domestic terrorists” themselves after voting against the bill.

She explained her outrage in detail saying, “The bill was put together to take care of targeted folks: Asian folks, Jews, women, Blacks. And [Republicans] just said, ‘No, no. We’re gonna create this bill, we’re gonna put it forth, we’re gonna get people to say to it, and then we’re gonna vote it down.’ So when you’re thinking about what direction we’re going in, just know where you’re being protected and how you’re not being protected. This was a simple thing to do. Everybody could have done this.”

2. Co-host Sunny Hostin joined in, pointing out the hypocrisies of the Republican Party.

She said, “There is no way that the Republican party, especially those in the extreme right wing of the parties, are going to vote for this bill because it exposes the party for what it is. The party of insurrectionists, the party that welcomes white supremacists under its tent, and that is what changed.”

Goldberg added, “I thought everybody was against white supremacy. I thought that’s what everybody said they were.”

3. Hostin then said, “What do you stand for if you don’t stand against hate?”

Goldberg urged viewers to vote because that is seemingly the only tool we have at fighting domestic terrorism, saying, “It’s a shame but it’s on us to take care of this now. This is on us. It’s going to take your votes to decide if those are the people you want representing you.” She continued, “If they don’t know what domestic terrorism is… if they pretend they don’t know, you have to make a decision with your voting fingers.”

4. Watch the clip below: