Cedric The Entertainer recently shared his thoughts on fellow comedian Dave Chappelle, who has been at the forefront of some controversy surrounding his recent Netflix special, The Closer.

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Cedric The Entertainer spoke about Chappelle on The Domenick Nati Show.

Cedric The Entertainer on Dave Chappelle

Cedric The Entertainer shared his thoughts on Chapelle and his recent controversy after being asked by Nati about the idea that Chappelle is somehow “un-cancelable” saying (as reported by The Jasmine Brand):

“I think that you just gotta be watching. Once you feel you’re un-cancellable, and you think that that’s what you’re fighting for, that’s the wrong approach to take to say something that you really wanna say. Not in the sense that ‘Oh, can’t nobody cancel me so Imma say that I wanna say.’ You can find out–people will cancel your a**.”


Cedric The Entertainer went on to explain that Chappelle could end up doing himself in if he continues

“He will end up canceling himself if he feels like nobody can cancel him. That’s what happens–you end up getting in people’s head in a way to where they turn you off. And it ain’t so much about everybody else turning you off. It’s people just deciding like ‘Dawg, if you think you’re bigger and better than everybody and you literally start believing that, then people start to go like ‘Well f**k you.”

The actor-comedian added, “That’s a slippery slope in this world we live in, and I feel like people are concerned that he’s trying to go over the top right now.”

Currently, Chappelle still has a lucrative deal with Netflix and is showing no signs of stopping performing– or retracting the transphobic remarks.


Watch the interview below: