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During a year that took so much from us all, Chloe and Halle Bailey were in their bag giving us their all. For years, the sisters have been putting in the work as incredible songwriters and vocalists. We’ve watched them grow into women, and we’re currently witnessing their craft blossom on the screen, stage and in the booth. Musically, their progression has been stellar and genuine. Chloe x Halle has always been vocal giants, but their 2020 release, Ungodly Hour, is impressively and massively distinguished.

Ungodly Hour is undoubtedly one of the most best albums we received in 2020, period. Nostalgic and classic, yet innovative and unique, their sophomore effort was not only a gift, but the setting of a standard for what can be musically possible in this new decade. Chloe and Halle gave us so much to be excited about at a time when such was particularly difficult for many of us.

Still young in the music industry, Chloe and Halle are outperforming their peers and making it look so easy. The ladies delivered absolutely stunning executions of live and recorded performances all year long, providing peak creative excellence, often filmed in their backyard. They brought us divinely executed and enchanting performances on the BET Awards, the G.L.A.A.D. Awards, the MTV VMAs, The Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and so much more. Chloe x Halle is the act we are just itching to see live when concerts are possible again.

Ungodly Hour is an album that can be devoured without skips, every time. It’s a masterpiece. From healing and uplifting the little girl that lives inside of us all, to owning our sexy, our autonomy and our vulnerability, Chloe x Halle continuously delivered. When nothing else has been consistent this past year, Chloe and Halle were.

This year, these talented sisters deserve more nominations that materialize into wins, accolades, headlining gigs and plenty of spotlights. Poised to eat the game up, Chloe and Halle are, even individually, the girls to watch out for. 2021 owes them all the things for being the bright spot we all needed in 2020.