The fourth season of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood was filled with typical he said, she said drama, rocky relationships and even addiction. I was proud to see the variety of issues covered this season, and dare I say, substance? I was however disappointed to see cast members Misster Ray and Zell at odds for the whole season.

What made matters worse was the constant fat-shaming that Misster Ray endured at the hands of Zell. It seemed that every time Misster Ray was in the presence of Zell, he was called names like, “dough boy” or “fat boy.” Other cast members would laugh whenever they were in the middle of an argument. As someone who has witnessed those closest to me struggle with weight, it is disheartening to see others bullied about theirs.

This situation highlights a major issue of fat-shaming within the gay community. If you check any gay dating app you will see things like “no fats” or “be in shape” all over people’s profiles. It is one thing to have a type, but to belittle others is another story. To some in the gay community, the body is considered currency. It is perceived that the better your body is, the more attractive you are. For a community that often faces so much discrimination, it is sad to witness how bad we treat each other.

Not to mention that within media, fat-shaming is often an issue that is exclusive to women. Men are often left out of the discussion. Although it was hard to watch Misster Ray be bullied, it needed to happen so that people can see that fat-shaming affects both women and men. Hopefully the awareness raised by this situation will spark some positive change and we all can learn to love each other, no matter what size we are.